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Who We Are

EarSwitch® is an in-ear innovation, augmenting human to environment interaction working to accelerate applications in both medical and interactive technology across the globe.  

As a medical student 30 years ago, founder and CEO UK GP, Dr Nick Gompertz witnessed people with Motor Neurone Disease lose their ability to communicate, and the concept of a communication device was born. 

Through the tensor tympani, one of the smallest muscles in your body, EarSwitch® monitors the movement of this muscle, which unlocks complex control, such as eye tracking. Augmenting human-to-environment interaction, EarSwitch® is working to accelerate applications in both medical and interactive technology across the globe. 

Nick has been advised by a UK Professor specialising in MND/ALS, that the tensor tympani muscle can remain functional even in advanced stages of motor neurone disease. This means EarSwitch’s® technology presents a transformational opportunity for people who suffer from neurological impairments to have a voice, control their environment, and ultimately choose how to live their lives – perhaps for the first time.


Since then, EarSwitch’s® technology is globally applicable in multiple sectors as complex control devices and the first opportunity for monitoring reliable (central) oxygen levels which is accurate and reliable for people of any skin colour (avoiding the problems and racial inequality of current finger probe oxygen meters (oximetry). 

Meet the team

Garry Pratt
Director and CCO 

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Shilpa Thomas
Operations Manager

Circular Image 02.png

Charlie Ross
Senior Project Manager

Circular Image 1.png

Beshoy Agayby
Signal Processing Engineer & Data Analyst

Nick Gompertz
Founder, Chairman and CEO 

Christine West
Financial Controller

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Sri Harsha Musunuru
Software Engineer


Ashwin Kumar

Mechatronics Engineer

Alistair Foster


Meher Afzal
Project Manager

Circular Image 2.png

Paula Maddox
Electronics Engineer & Lab Leader


Karthik Reddy Putta

Cloud Engineer

Circular Image 04.png

Will Chelton
Strategic Advisor

Advisory Board


Dominic Keen
Investor Director

Richard Parmee

David Browning
Medical and Health Advisor

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