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Innovating for a more inclusive future of healthcare

The EarSwitch story

We’re developing a suite of in-ear biometric control and sensor technologies for an ever-increasing range of global applications.

Why? So that we can transform the future of healthcare.

Born from a clinician’s experiences

Seeing people with motor neurone disease (ALS) lose their ability to communicate gave Dr Nick Gompertz an idea: to develop a non-intrusive, in-ear device that could help people with neurological impairments choose how to live their lives.

That’s when he founded EarSwitch™. While our initial technology was intended to be a communications device, Nick soon discovered that the ear opened up even more use cases. From controlling devices by tensing a middle ear muscle, to recording real-world data from a site close to the eardrum, there's a lot of potential to be found within the ear. Potential that we’re using to change the lives of people with both assistive and personal health needs.

Ear illustration
Earswitch team

Developed with ongoing support

With support from professors, investors, and the rest of his Bristol-based team, Nick began to expand the EarSwitch vision (and suite of products). This includes further developing EarMetrics®, an in-ear biometric sensor that will give people and practitioners access to credible, racially inclusive health insights.

Today, we’re continuing to develop our monitoring devices for a range of applications, with a focus on how we can use the previously untapped health insights they unlock in the most responsible, transformative ways.

Recognition of our in-ear innovation

As a clinician-founded start-up, being recognised for our in-ear innovation isn’t just a huge honour. It’s a vital part of sharing the EarSwitch™ vision, connecting with investors, and continuing to develop our suite of life-changing products.

Here are some of the awards, grants, and collaborations that are helping us to reimagine the future of healthcare.


Most Innovative Use of Tech

We won the Most Innovative Use of Tech category at the 2023 SPARKies awards, a celebration of tech in the South West. Thank you so much to SPARKies – and well done to the rest of the winners and nominees!

SPARKies 2023

Venturefest South 2023: Innovator of the Year

We won Innovator of the Year at the Venturefest South awards 2023, an event that our founder Dr Nick Gompertz is excited to have been both an attendee and a panellist at.

Venturefest 2023

Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023: Finalist

Our founder Nick was shortlisted in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in 2022 and in 2023 for Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year, South West. Well done to the category winners and the rest of the nominees!

Medilink UK 2022: Innovation Award

We won the Innovation Award at the Medilink UK Healthcare Business Awards 2022 in recognition of our in-ear control technology and its contribution to the life sciences sector.

The Allica Bank Great British Entrepreneur Awards

Our collaborations

The Scott-Morgan Foundation

Our founder Nick is a proud patron of the Scott-Morgan Foundation, which drives the development of assistive technology for people with ALS, MND, and other disabilities.


NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme

Nick is part of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme, which connects us to invaluable mentoring, pitching opportunities, corporate governance support and much more as we enhance our technology.


Want to be part of the Ear-Switch® story?

If you’d like to learn more about our journey and how you can be a part of it, either as an investor, partner, or a licensee of our technology, we’d love to hear from you.

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