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Transforming how we monitor and diagnose health through in-ear innovation

Reimagining the future of healthcare 

At EarSwitch™, everything we do is led by one, unwavering vision: we are redesigning the future of healthcare through in-ear experiences.  


With our unique, end-to-end biometric sensor and control technology, we want to provide the new standard of medical monitoring and empower new ways for people to interact with the world. We intend to do this by capturing credible and interoperable health data, enabling racially inclusive oximetry, and augmenting human-to-environment experiences. The ear holds game-changing potential for people and healthcare professionals, and we're unlocking it. 


Discover the in-ear technology we’re building for a better and brighter future.  

EarMetrics cloud


Generate medical-grade insights that inform clinical decisions, empower personal health, and accelerate the development of new treatments – from within the ear.

With EarMetrics®, our suite of licensable, in-ear biometrics hardware and technology, you could enable patient-centred, connected care.

From empowering racially inclusive oximetry to informing machine learning with real-world insights, explore the many transformative use cases of our integrated EarMetrics® suite.

In ear thermometer
Wearable health

EarMetrics® Cloud

With the rich, multi-biometric data from our in-ear sensors presenting so many possibilities, we are creating a responsible cloud architecture – the EarMetrics® Cloud – to be its secure store and guardian.


It will aim to record contextual, racially inclusive, and structured digital biomarkers. Its potential applications span from Hospital at Home and remote patient monitoring to in-hospital care and clinical research, with our commitment to data privacy and consent always coming first.


EarControl™ is the key to the next generation of earphones. Moving away from the passive function of yesterday’s devices towards tomorrow’s intent-driven functionality.

It introduces a new level of human to environment interaction, unlocking augmented control and experiences for all kinds of people, in all kinds of applications. Think of a 3D ear mouse; earbuds  that track your focus and selects the icon you are looking at  with, an ear click invoked as naturally as changing gears in the car.

The muscle that harnesses the potential of this step change is called the tensor tympani. It moves your ear drums as your eyes move and can be engaged voluntarily. By tensing the tensor tympani, the user performs an ear click like the flick of a switch or a click on a mouse. 

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