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Make an extraordinary impact

EarSwitch was born out of a will to develop technology to help people. Are you hard-wired in the same way? We might have the opportunity you've been looking for...   

Switch into action – your career at EarSwitch™

Impact people

When we do anything with our technology, we ask ourselves one question: How will this impact people in a positive way?  

We want our technology to empower individuals to connect with the world, even when it feels impossible. We're actively designing technology for people with neurological conditions, life-changing disabilities and groups affected by institutional inequality.

Doing good permeates everything at EarSwitch™, including how we run our organisation. We are inclusive, with values rooted in fairness, equity and openness. And we're committed to recruiting a diverse team that reflects the world around us.   

EarSwitch team

Impact technology

EarSwitch™ technology is the first of its kind. So, if you choose to come and work with us, you'll be working with something groundbreaking. Not just in a buzzword bingo type of way.


Applications are spinning out every day. The tensor tympani might be the (second) tiniest muscle in the body, but it packs a punch in terms of impact. Now, we're focusing on health tech, gaming and earphone 3.0, but new conversations in different sectors are happening all the time.  


We've started with EarControl™, EarMetrics® and, EarSight®, but vast opportunities are on the horizon.

Impact your career

We're looking for people who will drive EarSwitch® into the future. Ambitious individuals keen to create a lab culture driven by ideas, democracy and goodness. By joining us now, you will be front and centre, with an active voice in our organisation's strategic direction.


As of 2023, we are entering new offices at future space at the University of West of England in Bristol. A purpose-built space designed to encourage innovation, collaboration and inspiration, supporting businesses working in high-tech areas including robotics, health tech and biosciences. 

Get to know our team better

For each team member, we'd like to include what gets you up in the morning. And why EarSwitch™? We have Nick’s already as we have the back story.  

Nick Gompertz

"I witnessed people with Motor Neurone Disease (ALS) lose their ability to communicate, EarSwitch™ was born when all I wanted to do was find a solution. My focus is on finding new ways of helping people using our technology."

Nick Gompertz
Founder, Chairman and CEO 

Charlie Ross

"I’m passionate about using my skills to power our team with collaboration, communication and technology. I’m committed to transforming patient outcomes with advanced health metrics. And as a keen music producer, I'm pretty thrilled to be working with in-ear technology! "

Charlie Ross
Senior Project Manager 

Shilpa Thomas

"I joined EarSwitch™ with an ambition to be part of tech for good. I believe communication is a fundamental human right and I'm inspired by EarSwitch™’s potential to revolutionise communication for all. My background is in biomedical engineering."

Shilpa Thomas
Operations Manager 

We don’t leave anyone behind 

So, we might not have an applicable job for you now, but we're always happy to hear from people who share our vision. Get in contact and tell us all about yourself.  

Thanks for submitting!

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