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EarSwitch™ welcomes David Browning as its first Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

“I’ve been aware of EarSwitch™ since the early days, and I’ve always been a strong advocate! I really believe in the team.”

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve appointed David Browning as EarSwitch™’s first Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). This news comes as we continue to develop our suite of integrated in-ear technologies – EarMetrics® and EarMetrics®-Cloud – to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for patients and healthcare professionals. When it comes to David’s vision for EarSwitch™, he intends to “work with the leadership team and our stakeholders to rapidly raise funding and revenue, accelerate product commercialisation, and create tangible positive impacts”

2024 has already been an exciting year for EarSwitch™. We have had technology accepted onto the Innovative Devices Access Pathway (IDAP), partnered with venture capitalists Praetura Ventures, and are set to begin clinical trials with multiple NHS hospital trusts.  The UK’s medical technology market is also experiencing strong growth, with the sector expected to generate more than $20 billion in revenue this year.   

Now is the right time for us to hire a CSO to coordinate our strategic and product development roadmap as well as our commercialisation strategy. With this in mind, we're thrilled to have someone as experienced in business leadership strategy as David on board. With more than 40 years of experience in applied healthcare, working across a spectrum of clinical and commercial environments, David also has an extensive understanding of the global life sciences industry.  

Throughout his career, he has driven applied healthcare innovation as a biomedical scientist for the National Health Service (NHS), a member of the C-suite for global corporates like Philips Group Innovation, and a chairperson for organisations like OBN – to name just a few roles. He also coordinated the product roadmap and global launch of immunodiagnostics products for Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (a J&J company) , which are still sold successfully 30 years on. 

David has also secured significant investment for early-stage companies, including Oxford Cancer Biomarkers. This expertise will be invaluable to his role as CSO, as we look for new investment opportunities to drive our strategic and product development forward.  

It isn’t just David’s expertise that makes him so well-suited to the role of EarSwitch™ CSO. He also shares our commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives through improved standards of healthcare. He has already demonstrated this in his position on our advisory board where, for the last year, he’s been supporting CEO Nick Gompertz and CCO Garry Pratt to translate our innovative technology into potentially life-changing products.  

Speaking about his EarSwitch™ journey so far, David said: 

“I’ve been providing advice to EarSwitch™ for around a year now. I am most excited at the capabilities and passion of the founders and team, and the significant potential of the technology to dramatically improve standards of care.” 

A crucial part of his role will be helping us find collaborators who bring our value proposition to life across markets, and making sure that end users get the maximum value from our technology. David also intends to help shape our company culture, making sure that EarSwitch™ remains a place where employees can create a fulfilling career (and where more aligned people want to join).  

To keep up with more company updates, you can follow EarSwitch™, including David, on LinkedIn.  

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