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Say hello to the latest evolution of in-ear innovation – this is EarSwitch®

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Biometric technology is estimated to become a multi-billion-dollar market in the next five years. While the facial recognition and fingerprint detection industry has been dogged by fears around discrimination and fakes, EarSwitch® is at the cutting edge of a new era with in-ear switch and sensor biometric technology. This unique hands-free solution is poised to revolutionise gaming, medicine, assistive communication and rehabilitation, and more.


EarSwitch was born from a desire to help people with neurological conditions including cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease, and locked-in syndrome, as well as those suffering from the effects of a stroke. Founder Dr Nick Gompertz has been working with a team of researchers at the University of Bath since 2021 and in 2022 was awarded a £1.5 million grant from the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) to refine and roll out the technology.

Nick, CEO, believes that the tensor tympani muscle can remain functional even in advanced stages of motor neurone disease. This means EarSwitch® presents a transformational opportunity for people who suffer neurological impairments to have a voice, control their environment, and ultimately choose how to live their lives – perhaps for the first time.

Since then, Nick, has realised that the EarSwitch® sensor is globally applicable in multiple sectors as a complex control and health monitoring solution.


Gaming: Do more, see better – with EarSwitch® technology

As the metaverse takes shape and demand for virtual and augmented reality gaming continues to grow, the wearable gaming accessories market has become a billion-dollar industry. Professional esports players – as well as the massive global everyday gaming community on PCs, consoles and even phones – want wearable accessories that can advance their edge and enhance their immersive experience.

Through intuitive, in-ear control, gamers will effectively have access to another pair of hands - removing the restrictions of hand-held devices and delivering the ultimate gaming performance. EarSight® will enable them to respond faster, seamlessly jump between platforms, react, mute and move with complete autonomy, delivering their best results yet.

Accessibility in gaming: A hands-free interface

According to Scope, disabled gamers are more likely to view the pastime as their primary hobby and spend more time gaming per session than non-disabled players. But those with hand and arm impairments and disabilities that affect dexterity are underserved and disadvantaged in an industry dominated by accessories for able-bodied players.

With EarSight®, users with disabilities can transcend the physical challenges traditionally posed by gaming. This advanced technology can provide an entirely hands-free interface, levelling out the playing field for the disabled gamer.

Read our blog how EarSight® will disrupt the gaming industry here.


No compromise on momentum – with EarSwitch® Technology

There are times when we can’t, or it isn’t convenient to reach for our phones. While using in-ear devices with EarSwitch® technology, whether working, shopping, cooking, carrying children or out for a run, users can answer a call or change their music with their ears alone without having to lift a finger to compromise their momentum.


Pulse oximetry and biometrics: increasing accuracy and correcting racial bias - with EarSwitch Technology

Within EarMetrics® is also the first ever in-ear technology to offer accurate biological measurements like blood oxygen levels, a replacement for blood pressure, pulse rate and heart rate variability – a current very trendy concept amongst health and fitness fanatics.

EarMetrics® is the first racially agnostic oxygen measurement tool using the eardrum. Its use in medical settings – particularly in intensive care units,” hospital at home” and self-care – could have far-reaching implications, better overall outcomes, lower death rates and a correction of racial bias in pulse oximetry.

The ability to generate accurate biological measurements from an inconspicuous piece of wearable technology will also appeal to health-conscious individuals wanting to measure their fitness levels, and professionals in a range of industries including sport, military and defence, insurance and more.

Switching the way we interact with the world

EarSwitch® will augment human-to-environment interaction and enable advanced biometric monitoring. As we embrace and move beyond Earphone 3.0 technology, the possibilities are endless.

EarSwitch® is taking the power out of your hands and putting it in your ear.

We are EarSwitch – are you ready to innovate?

To get involved with EarSwitch®, contact us today.

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