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A digital revolution from your ear: introducing EarControl™

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Artificial intelligence has become a big part of our lives, all the way from personalised shopping and at-home assistants to face recognition and fraud prevention. Revenue from the AI market is expected to reach 126 billion dollars by 2025, with biometrics representing one of the latest applications.

Voice, face and touch have led biometric technology advancements, while the possibilities of in-ear technology has been largely overlooked. Although cochlea implants and even hearing aids were once cutting edge, the area of ear-augmented interaction has much more to offer.

That’s where EarControl™ from EarSwitch™ comes in. Say hello to ear intelligence (EI).

EarSwitch™'s proprietary technology is reshaping human to environment interaction: for the first time evolving the ear from an input device to an output device.

Journey to Headphones 3.0

Nearly ten years ago Headphones 2.0 technology revolutionised the listening experience. The market dipped its toe into the possibilities of hands-free audio, introducing app and voice-controlled wireless earbuds with Bluetooth compatibility. Our ability to call our friends or play a song on Spotify without lifting a finger was a novelty.

Now, EarSwitch™ is pioneering the next generation – Headphones 3.0 – with EarControl™.

EarControl™ marks a shift from the passive function of yesterday’s earphones to tomorrow’s intent-driven functionality. It introduces a new level of human to environment interaction, unlocking augmented control and experiences for all kinds of people, in all kinds of applications.

Imagine a 3D ear mouse that tracks focus and is controlled by a small muscle in the ear – an ear click invoked as naturally as changing gears in the car.

The muscle that harnesses the potential of this step change is called the tensor tympani. It can be engaged voluntarily. By tensing the tensor tympani, the user performs an ear click like the flick of a switch or a click on a mouse.

Endless possibilities

In gaming, EarSight™ will bring new meaning to the phrase ‘play it by ear’. It will deliver the third thumb advantage – no more need for foot pedals or time-guzzling macros. At home, users will have the ability to connect to external devices and coordinate tasks even when they have their hands full. In medical settings, where a patient does not have the use of their hands or arms, we believe it will transform rehabilitation, communication and more.

That’s not all EarSight™ can do.

Advanced biometric monitoring using our EarMetrics™ sensor technology enables the in-ear device to work even harder. Users can take charge of health and fitness by monitoring oxygen levels and pulse from that one in-ear device, whether that’s a hearing aid or earphone. Data can be sent directly to a health monitoring app, private medical practice or insurer.

Consider the possibilities of all this opportunity in your earphones, hearing aids, or even products that haven’t yet been dreamt up. The way we interact with, control and monitor our environment could be changed completely – augmenting our mediums for experience.

EarSwitch™: taking control out of your hands and into your ear.

Are you ready for EI?

Interested in being at the forefront of Headphones 3.0 hands-free control?

Contact us today and find out how to licence EarControl™ for your devices.

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